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Sunday April 30th 2017Tim Candler9


     The omens for an internet outage are shall we say "ominous." All the signs are there. High humidity, early July temperatures, intermittent hazy sunshine with the occasional chair rattling gust between sinister cloud formations, Summer Tanager yelling like a mental patient, and the Girl Cat is very much on edge. She wants to go outside, but can't actually make it through the door, it's a confusion in her over the question Why and it's a confusion I share, understand completely just how few days there are in the year when the outdoors hold any true appeal for those of us who don't have the good fortune to be members of the genus Fungi and have to show our faces every single day of the year



     But some of us have to go outside, not because we want to but because on the off chance that rain falls in the next two, three days, these conditions are perfect for warming the ground in preparation for seed germination. Okra, Beans and a whole bunch more Carrots which apparently are good companions to Tomato, it's a good theory even if it might be the kind of nut eater science currently running rampant through the corridors of power, that hothouse for Fruit Flies. And this time next week of course there could well be a frost and if not frost an outbreak of Cutworm, ravenous Vole, angry Doves or that sooty pox bloom that puffs something very close to Bubonic Plague. A lot to be said for indoor-outdoor carpeting or an attic above a second hand bookshop.


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