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Tuesday April 4th 2017Tim Candler9


    There's a moment when an Academic looks at him or herself in the mirror and chooses to become engaged in the world beyond the Common Room. The reason it's risky is because this side of their wall we speak a different language, we cherish those parts of the story we live in and don't really care to be disillusioned, made to feel or be told that we are ignorant, stupid an ill informed. Our primary concern is the extent to which we can avoid damaging that part of ourselves that feels good, and deep down, none of us are very nice.



    It's also the case that a great many Academics will be the first to admit that in the area of understanding they are engaged in a discipline the tools of which are designed to produce "Best Guesses." Sad day for all of us when influences on those "Best Guesses" become configured around the more baser instincts that all of us possess. So yes, I will be marching for science and will do so in the hope of encouraging them to step out of their closets and stop all this nonsense about Scientists being purer than the rest of us. My sign will read "It's A Political Protest. Do Try to Get Over Yourselves!"


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