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Sunday August 20th 2017Tim Candler9


     Korean Pears are almost ripe. A little ladder work in the slippery cool of tomorrow morning and of the possibilities there's either a couple of buckets of pears to look forward to or a visit to the emergency room. At this age recovery from injury takes considerably longer, and without beating the reeds for anything like science I'll tell you this much, if you have to take something like Horse Tranquilizers for the pain of an injury you might just as well call it quits. Far better to endure the process of recovery by being bad tempered, moaning and groaning, throwing things around and going to the Serbian Language for adequate curses. 



       "When might it be correct to take Horse Tranquilizers?" I hear the call. The answer is very simple. While on a static prone telephone line attempting to explain to an Internet Service Provider that your internet has developed a cantankerousness, has become bloody minded and seems to have no intention of observing its purpose unless you happen to be reporting its bad behavior to the High Priests at Windstream and you'd rather not wait a week for them to find out what might be troubling it. Call it an emotional dependence, if you wish to.


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