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Tuesday August 29th 2017Tim Candler9


      Sneezing and false teeth don't go well together. The momentary relief of a sneeze is soon lost to the idea of your false teeth flying through the air, heading directly for something that might not be hygienic, or something like a Kitten with sharp teeth and an interest in blood sports. This means that when you sneeze you have to use your tongue to hold your false teeth in. There's a chance of course that my false teeth are a little loose on the gums, but who knows.



      The other area of immediate concern is the capacity for verbal communication. Oh sure, there are things like S's to worry about, but I'm more concerned by the possibility that false teeth further reduce the wearers recall of everyday words. Small comfort that I've been losing this rather crucial ability for many years. And sadly, unlike cats, we people have yet to develop the medium of telepathy when seeking assistance.


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