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Wednesday August 31st 2017Tim Candler9


      If you wonder why outrage serves our species, the answer lies in the more primal levels of our thinking where it's Us against Them, a circle that twists into a greater and greater intensity, feeds upon itself and ultimately a Revelation is forged, call it victory, or winning, or survival, or, depending upon perspective, beating your head against a brick wall until next time, but never call it reason, or common sense because reason or common sense are incredibly boring and there's a strong chance these two fine sentiments don't actually exist within living things where the day to day is more like trade, buying time for one more day.



      In us people, we have the capacity to conceive a future, but too often we leave the thinking part to forces we claim to have no control over, it's today that counts, tomorrow will take care of itself. Call it the unknown, see it as the excitement of anticipating victory, all the plans are in place, strategies for the ground game devised, and when we lose it has to be someone's fault, someone has to die for our sins. So what's left, we look for the good things in others of our species and we draw comfort from what might be true. The soldier who throws himself on the hand grenade to save comrades, the generous act of the Samaritan, it's a long list. And here, I'm really very far from pure, I'm outraged most of the time, which is nice because it means I'm perfectly normal, quite fashionable and at the same time it's a little depressing.


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