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Friday December 1st 2017Tim Candler9


      Winter Wrens pottering in that zone a gardener reserves for composting, hours of peaceful contemplation and pretending to be incredibly constructive. Winter Wrens are what you call a busy bird, and have to be, especially when it's cold, and insects scarce, they're very small even when they're fluffed up against the chill. Now the point is I'm a big fan of the Praying Mantis, especially in the vegetable garden and the Praying Mantis has a spongy egg sack the Praying Mantis glues to those parts of woody plants that too often have to be trimmed.



     The rule for me is to hide the egg sacks found on trimmings in the longer term compost piles and if the warmer weather ever returns I strategically relocate the egg sacks to parts of the garden that might suit little Praying Mantis. And it's these egg sacks that attract Winter Wren to the composting zone. The other thing about a Winter Wren, like the Kitten, they probably have Wolverine in their ancestry. My little store of Praying Mantis Eggs had been pecked to death, weeviled around and have been pretty much turned into a sawdust.  I could have done something I suppose, taken action, been constructive, but the peaceful part of contemplation is watching.



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