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Thursday December 21st 2017Tim Candler9


      Last Winter Solstice I believe your correspondent was a little too engaged by the Edict of Worms, which led to the eviction of Luther from the Catholic Church, and the Diet of Augsburg, which finally produced a compromise that briefly settled growing tensions between the Catholic Church and what would become the Protestant Church. It was a moment of common sense at a time when peace between ambitious and quarreling European Princes had become very fragile, and this despite Ottoman progress up the Balkans toward the gates of Vienna. And why? Like so many of us I was attempting to make some kind of sense out of the results of the United Kingdom's referendum on whether to remain in the European Union and I was dealing with my own emotional responses to the consequences the general election in the USA would have on Liberal Democracy, here and around the world. I distinctly remember realizing that the Ottoman siege of Vienna was just the beginning of  years of Ottoman attempts to politically and militarily dominate Europe.  



     Over a hundred years later the Ottoman's made a second attempt to take Vienna, and at this Second siege of Vienna Europe was no more or less fractured than it had been at the First Siege of Vienna. For some reason or other this realization gave me what used to be called Hope, but which these days is probably better thought of as "Oh well!" One of the things about Winter Solstice that figures large in my mind is that if you survive this day it does mean you probably have at least another year upon earth. The point being that the lead up to Winter Solstice is the time to grapple with those elements in the world beyond that enables a person to move the negative/positive balance within their being toward positive. Pretty difficult thing to do last year, and not much easier this year.  All the same, I'm wearing the water wings and will take the big roads to gather with others in the City of Lexington Kentucky should our Mango in Chief and his odious cronies chose to dismiss Robert Swan Mueller the Third.


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