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Friday December 29th 2017Tim Candler9


      Seed Catalogues. I'd imagine in some definitions these two simple words could well produce a youthful confluence with emotional phrases such as "Gosh! How exciting." My own reaction however joins with the exasperation of "propaganda, deceit, waste of paper and out right lying," and quickly finds something like a hybrid Carrot with purple flesh to vent several hours of spleen upon before embarking upon a tirade which inevitably wanders the universe before settling on the absolute conviction that senators and congressmen should be forced to retire when they reach the age of maybe sixty two. But while it lasts you're welcome to "Gosh! How exciting." Good luck to you, you poor deluded fool.



     For me it all started going down hill with a Wax Gourd. There's still some pickled Wax Gourd in the cupboard, they've sat there since 07, and I should really throw them away, but I want them to suffer and at the same time serve as a reminder to those few remaining strands of hope that linger and begin to spark in me when I see a Seed Catalogue. My Wax Gourd curry would have surely elicited "Another Day that will live in Infamy" from Roosevelt. At the same time it's Seed Catalogues that kind of sum up the Age of Consumerism where reason, purpose, truth and language have been reduced to a product of feverish, money grabbing incontinence. Nor will I again be tempted by the Snake Gourd, even if her white bloom is indeed delicate and extraordinarily beautiful, pulling moths to her bosom as she fills the summer night with her fragrance. 


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