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Saturday December 30th 2017Tim Candler9


      The Eremitic tradition has to do with hermits, a seclusion from society for the purpose of getting closer to God. The Cenobitic tradition has to do with a community devoted to getting closer to God in a more communal way. The Skete and the Lavra traditions are more about being a hermit in those parts where being a hermit is probably not practical as a result of bandits, locusts, water shortages and the like, so a degree of meeting and greeting becomes necessary to remain present in the world. The point being that God is an odd duck and you can never be sure what he means or wants unless you're concentrating most of your waking hours on what it is he or she is trying to say. Saint Teresa herself was about talking to God all the time and thereby never actually leaving the presence of God.





     Naturally there will be those who disagree with my understanding of the monastic life and categories within the calling, and some of those disagreements have probably over the years resulted in things like burning people at the stake and stuff. Either way, Bronwyn the Seamstress' Carmelites of Saint Barbara do appear to have made some sort of peace with their understanding of God by building a structure that looks to my way of thinking like a very depressing Victorian military barracks, and like so many earthly matters, short of some kind of righteous rampage by the Kitten, I'm just going to have to live with it, even if I have been wandering for forty days and forty nights in the desert looking for insight, to absolutely no avail. I was roundly dismissed as a moaning old nag, I guess.


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