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Sunday December 31st 2017Tim Candler9


      An Appraisal of Being in the year 2017 cannot retreat into the tomorrow without a contemplation of stems and branches. In too many of us the color of our skin, our language of birth, the accent on our tongue combine with the limbic system to mock the high flown phrases around which the disparate parts of our whole have attempted to combine to find a harmony in equal-ness and reason. Rewards wander through the filters and are then judged worthy. Those filters are written for us and by us in stories, a winding path to a mystical conclusion, each one of us a fragile hero, and with heroes it's not just about how much, never has been, it's more about an answer to the question "Why?"



     During the First World War following the silent killing of the first gas attacks a myth was added to the narrative. The enemy had Crucified an Allied Soldier. Whether it had happened or not, didn't matter to the viral nature of purpose. The war had rambled on past Christmas and another Christmas. In the stalemate, millions had already died for a yard or so of territory, and for the grass roots, us common folk in the blood and mud, "Because Archduke Ferdinand had been assassinated" didn't really go anywhere near to answering the question "Why?" Two years later in the November of 1918 the First World War ended.


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