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 Saturday February 11th 2017Tim Candler9


   One of our Senators here in Kentucky is a man called  Addison Mitchell McConnell, Jr.  He's seventy five years old and by some reckonings he might not have had an idea of his own since becoming a Senator in 1984. One of those guys for whom being in power is really the only important thing he used to be a stalwart of the center and as those who voted for him got older and more frightened he moved further and further right. He's now what they call the Senate Majority Leader. And it's kind of fun to read the comments on his face book page.



     On the other side, the new Senate Minority leader is a man called Charles Ellis Schumer. He was first elected Senator for the State of New York in 1998. He's sixty six now but don't worry he'll be sixty seven this coming November. He's not shy of the press, one of his colleagues once suggested it was dangerous to get between him and a camera. He's not one who leaps at the idea of taxing the rich, his campaigns are kind of financed by wealthy Democrats, but he's all for wealthy liberal type causes such as equal pay for women, or fifty three percent of the vote. And if you're wondering, the answer is yes, so long as we've still got votes we still live in a Republic.


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