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 Tuesday February 14th 2017Tim Candler9


    Our hero is struggling with his understanding of Vestry of Monnow and so am I. Worth considering the act of redemption as a sacrifice, especially when the Lenten Rose Blooms. And what is to be sacrificed that might save the soul. I reckon the best thing to do is revisit the Heretics and Apostates of Christendom. More particularly a group who where given the name Antinomians. Essentially "By Grace alone, not by the laws of men." And when you think about it in a Church that once had a bit of a debate about the number of nails used to crucify the savior, any kind of schism can lead the mind to a confusion around definitions of soul and suggest that without schisms or factions the soul might not even exist.



     The Antinomians took comfort from their understanding of Grace, the divine love bestowed upon them by The Almighty. It meant, as I see it, they'd resolved the Trinity by saying the only thing worthy of obedience was the part of them given freely by God. A recipe for chaos and anarchism amongst those for whom definitions were kind of central to order. The more practical minded saw the Antinomian Heresy as an excellent reason to argue for Freedom of Religion, rather than reach out to the old men for some kind of edict that would result in a good old fashioned pogrom authorized by heaven. Much, much more sensible was to draw the line between understandings of Grace and the organs of state. But as our hero keeps reminding his grandfather, "I'd rather be a shellfish than a saint."


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