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 Saturday February 18th 2017Tim Candler9


    Nationalism is a devotion to one or other of the many nations on the planet, with particular reference to the nation's cultural peculiarities combined with the belief that nations benefit by acting independently of each other. This means that national rather than international interests dominate the agenda and there are some who have been persuaded that Nationalism is a simple, sometimes idiotic, solution to complexities in the world they have no desire to think too hard about.



     Patriotism is a devotion to a country and this devotion is not based upon whether the country in question is chasing a nationalist interest or an internationalist interest.  The problem is when Nationalism and Patriotism are assumed to be the same thing. Heroes are either mythological divinities who have things like magic swords, or they are mortal men and women of noble purpose who often end up getting killed. What "noble purpose" might be is entirely subjective, which is why hero's are for history books and stories.


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