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 Sunday February 19th 2017Tim Candler9


    No idea why this is so difficult. And possibly it has to do with not keeping adequate notes. But bed preparation in the third week of January, just seems wrong, it seems unnatural and odds are it might never rain again, which would make the entire exercise pointless. Have to admit I was rather hoping to have at least two more weeks, possibly three, of what some call constructive winter projects and others might call sitting around thinking about horrible things to say about our current chief executive so as to avoid entering a terminal state of ennui the only cure for which is large quantities of alcohol chased with a morphine drip.



     My own long term view for the species is essentially that we boys whose primary social skills were developed while chasing down the Woolly Mammoth, defending the cave entrance from Saber Tooth Tiger, beating up on neighbors with out of control domestic pets and general chest thumbing around things like massive weaponry, have had our time. Not saying we didn't do a good job of it, but we kind of run out useful reasons for doing what we do best about twenty thousand years ago and ever since boyhood has been more like a back to the caves make work project.


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