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 Monday February 20th 2017Tim Candler9


    I really do have better things to do than this, but, The Chief Executive of Face book, as I understand him and his organization, have suggested that perhaps their Social Media Platform, a business model which has thrived upon income from advertizing, has contributed a little to a multiplicity of narratives many of which are unstably at odds with each other and some of which are so out of this world it's unreal. The result is a disharmony, a decline in civility, a lack of interest in civic organizations, a dramatic reduction in the appeal of a global world in favor of a xenophobic and insular world, an uptick in forces opposed to democracy and whole lot of horrible things that result when people live in bubbles that consist of only their friends, their friend's friends, it kind of goes on and if you're not careful you get Unfriended because you said something very sensible about people who don't like Sweet Potato. Or went on a bit about an entirely rational scientific theory that proves people with ginger hair are almost as bad as twins. Never actually thought about it before, but makes perfect sense to me, never liked ginger people or twins, and it is a scientific theory, so I was right all along.



    One solution to this dystopian nightmare according to the chief executive of Face book is, as I understand it, a series of algorithms that will essentially attempt to promote a good story with a happy ending for us people, a sort of niceness, community, cooperation, democracy, equality, debate and civility and I suppose the list is endless. In short this algorithm will be like a Hall Monitor prowling around taking note of who has their hands in the pockets and sending them to the corner. It's the next step apparently, it's a new direction, it's big, a little megalomaniacal possibly, and details haven't been completely worked out, it'll be a more organic process, baby steps. Interesting how Hall Monitors in the Social Media Platforms of two hundred and sixty sixty Popes in a little under two thousand years seem to have failed miserably, who knew the solution was to be found in arithmetic. Still, all power to the man, just hope to God he doesn't run for President of something like a country. And should the sums not work out in quite they way they were supposed to I am volunteering my services as a real live walking talking Hall Monitor. I will of course insist upon being called a Priest of The Internet and I'll need a suitable outfit, I thought pajamas, smoking jacket and horsewhip.


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