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 Tuesday February 21st 2017Tim Candler9


    There is often dispute, much of it justifiable, it was winter, it was cold and in the interest of staying warm large quantities of uncertain brandy had been consumed. Yet your correspondent will still insist that he once saw Marshal Tito in the back of a convertible Cadillac and not a Pink Elephant. The vehicle wasn't moving very fast, one of the rear tires needed a little air, he was standing up, a big strong brave man, he was wearing one of his uniforms, his head was uncovered, there was a wisp of snow on the roadside, he was smiling, he waved and some people waved back, not all of them by a long chalk, but some. Very certain he smiled at me and at the time I was a little worried about my expired papers so I smiled back.



    Warm today, light cloud with sun, felt like end of May. The Artist was sparkling, I was pretty grumpy, but we took the trip to the town of Lawrenceburg to join with a crowd some of whom might have voted for Adlai Stevenson. And we did so to register our existence as in opposition to some of the recent decisions being made on our behalf by the Organs of State. But sadly in the land of the free you don't get to actually see your leaders in the flesh, smell them, get a sense of them, watch their eyes unless you're invited to take the test. Instead they arrive hidden in fast moving black vehicles the windows of which are so tinted you can't even see through them and then they disappear. Kind of rude you might think, but it's all about keeping them safe, apparently they're delicate. None the less I was able to chant "Ditch Mitch" a couple of "Two, Four, Six, Eight's" and a wonderful "Hey, Ho, Hey, Ho."


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