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 Wednesday February 22nd 2017Tim Candler9


    In the minds of some Bird-dogging is probably a step or two away from stalking. The argument against it has to do with uncertainty. Send the bird-dogs into the bushes and goodness knows what might happen should those bird-dogs become suddenly unstable. They're out there unsupervised and off their leash. It's a disaster waiting to happen in front of the press who as everyone knows just loves a little chaos and anarchy, it's right up there with white girls who go missing and unflattering photographs of celebrities. Which means there are some who would argue that bird-dogs should be kept chained and the better behaved sometimes invited to snuffle around in something like a Town Hall.



    Then there are other examples of bubble mentality such as "Winners make Policy, Losers go Home." Unfortunately if that was remotely true of any living thing, then according to whatever theory you wish to devote yourself to we people would still be living in Eden or we'd be an amorphous lump of disorganized goo or in my case I'd be a tree dweller adept at making nests and gathering fruit, kind of like Tarzan only not nearly as tall and very poorly manicured. A final thought surrounds a speech that includes the idea of a 4% annual growth rate being the single prerequisite to process that feeds and succors us people. Without it apparently all our hopes and dreams are pretty much doomed. To quote you know who 'Sad.'


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