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 Sunday February 26th 2017Tim Candler9


    "Here's to Cisco and Sonny and Lead Belly too and to all the good people who travelled with you." It's an ill remembered line from "Song to Woody" a poem written by the Folk Singer Bob Dylan. Toward the end of the poem Bob Dylan reminds Woody that he's "been doing some hard travelling too." And the trouble with Bob Dylan is that he entered the castle where he disappeared. I'd prefer to think he was sucked in by the vortex of Capital than thought of his fame, his wealth and his success as reward. 



    As a rugged individualist what other reward could one expect, I hear the cry. And it's a very good question to ask on this Sunday in this particular age. In answer I could remember the Christian and the meaning of the Cross which despite rumor to the contrary was a sacrifice to a better world that would happen tomorrow not here in some kind of gated community. And I'd argue that when defining the rugged individualist there's more than one exemplar.


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