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 Monday February 27th 2017Tim Candler9


    So much for the harping on about this and that, wandering around the issue, debate, long discussions, our hero is in a vehicle with JH Woolley and he can smell smoke. Now the question for the endless nights of argument is whether this smoke will result in another fifteen or sixteen chapters to Vestry of Monnow. Odds are discipline will be tossed out the window, shape and form will be gone and there'll be no end in sight by this time next year.



    In the exploration, does this matter? Not really. In the distant past your writer of pulp when considering book seven made a note in pencil which I clearly reads "Weekend Cottages." Granted I've settled considerably since that note was written, and I know this because I can read it. And If I recall Vestry of Monnow, when all the bits of it are moved aside was about a fire that burned down a weekend cottage. So we're just going to have to follow the smoke and find out who's to blame.


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