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 Tuesday February 28th 2017Tim Candler9


    Tomorrow which is Wednesday, is Saint David's Day. And if you happened to be an inmate in Afon-Bedd there would actually be two March the Firsts, one for each of the Saint David's. It's sad I know but when it comes to having your own Saint's Day, Afon-Bedd saints can be kind of stubborn and there was cake involved, a whole thing and if you're interested, non-saints in Afon-Bedd don't get birthday cakes because if they did there'd be a birthday once or twice a week and that would stress the budget.



    One other detail worth mentioning is that when our hero was engaged in the life patterns of Afon-Bedd the definition of what it was to be mentally incompetent followed the old rules. Then as a result of budgetary constraints of the last thirty odd years that definition was changed. This meant that today there are more nutcases wandering around than there were in something like 1974. And, while this may be my own personal view, I think some would agree that this redefinition may have been a grave error of judgment.


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