An English In Kentucky


















 Tuesday February 7th 2017Tim Candler9


    In feel like terms, it was around a thousand years ago that the angelic host sang and a little star entered the firmament. It had all it's fingers and toes, it had a potential for good teeth and an adequate digestive tract, it was polite around the two or three dozen inoculations it received, it smiled occasionally and like all other little stars it struggled a little with the absurdities of being alive.



      A little surprised to still be here, I guess that's what twinkling is all about. But the other big question for me on this day in February, while the odd thunder storm rolls through and the Crows cackle, is What Happened? In the end, as with all of us and despite those who will insist that making life miserable for the rest of us is central to their sense of achievement, the answer is not much of any great or lasting importance.


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