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 Wednesday February 8th 2017Tim Candler9


    Our hero is off to the ordeal of Chapter something or other. Very certain there's a word for it that defies definition, but this particular part of Book Seven is about a Dog, a potential JH, our hero's legal representative or Chapter Six of Vestry of Monnow and a political officer or Book One of The Rabbit of Usk. So it's kind of melding, if you like, or possibly a desperate attempt to use a hot glue gun to stitch stuff together into a harmonious whole that avoids the wonderful and very expressive tag of prolix which does sound a little like a digestive tablet.



      My own view as a wholly objective and totally impartial observer is that everything is going swimmingly, it's smooth sailing over choppy waters and the wind is variable. The odd suggestion from the back row that the Dog in Chapter something or other could well be unnecessary ignores the well known fact that Dog's reflect their owners in the Parrot in Cage sense. It's the Parrot's utterances that speak volumes. Nor would it be possible for a Parrot to be part of Chapter something or other. Two good reasons. A Parrot figures in Chapter Five of Vestry of Monnow and however eccentric the JH in question might be there's no way he'd take a Parrot on a fishing trip.


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