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 Tuesday January 10th 2017Tim Candler9


     In the Sabean tradition The Pillars of Pharaoh might well be described as a consciousness of place. It's an edifice in the mind that unites the possibilities and generally that unity is chock full of assumptions that comfortably limit those possibilities so that you and I might dwell in a degree of certainty however absurd or irrational that degree of certainty might be. Then something like a washing machines floods the bathroom floor, the internet goes out, the electric fails, a deranged orange person is constantly in the news from outside, call centers are automated, the world comes to an end and we just might as well dig our own graves and get it over with. So The Pillars of Pharaoh is a simple, very uncomplicated idea with what I think is a rather neat name. It's true also that consciousness is ill defined word, but think of it as a good old fashioned eyes wide open Being in Time trying to make sense of passing moments by anticipating what might happen next and making terrible mistakes in the process. And forget all about the idea that a being in time is ever likely to be even remotely authentic, that condition is reserved for crack heads and workaholics. Instead take your cue from the attic dwellers by Picturing the Slope without any kind of snow or ice on it, and trust me there's no ski lift.



      It's not precisely documented but it's a well know fact that many thousands of years ago the Sabeans had a schism, which has sometimes been referred to as the Poach Egg Schism. In those days Sabeans were barrack dwellers who occasionally had to dress up, travel for miles and miles beat up on one of Pharaoh's enemies and if they were successful they were allowed to come home again. Despite the perils it was quite a good job for anyone who hailed from south of what's now called the Aswan Dam. Then around the time the Domesticated Chicken arrived in North Africa from what's now called the Indian subcontinent, a Pharaoh whose name in the Sabean language translates as "Unmentionable" chose to change the Sabean rations. Back then of course there was some doubt about the best way of dealing with Chicken eggs. There was understandable division within Sabean ranks as to whether eggs should be somehow cooked or eaten raw. And while the argument raged an Elamite type people fleeing Eden invaded The Pillars of Pharaoh, which led to the equally poorly documented Sabean Diaspora. Incidentally it was the Pyramid Sabeans who followed the directions and cooked their eggs.


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