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 Saturday January 14th 2017Tim Candler9


     Nothing worse than a restless Cat. They fumble around searching for an entertainment that invariable includes random acts of Vandalism and/or demands for Turkey and Giblets. It's not that wet outside, a little damp, the occasional shower, a few puddles but we're not talking Crocodile infested with high winds, and no good raising the perils from the Long Eared Owl, he or she should be well occupied by the Crows during daylight.



       And if we don't get a little bit of a walk about in the daylight, it all happens at night, doesn't it? No good pretending the myriad Cat Flaps dotted all over the place are nothing more than unnecessary architectural accents the function of which are a complete mystery. I'm almost as stupid as I look, but not that stupid. The entire morning hunting down a very hyperactive and extremely large Vole running around inside the domicile. It didn't appear by magic, you know, and you could have done a little more than critically observe the Vole removal process.


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