An English In Kentucky


















 Sunday January 15th 2017Tim Candler9


     Alright guys, Glavni Kolodvor is getting totally out of control, so much so some of us are yearning for the aching bones and near death experiences that follow outdoor activities. There's never been a railway station like this and I hope there'll never be another railway station that's beginning to look more like an oddly appointed balsa wood groundhog burrow. But even an unbiased appraiser would have to agree it seems to suit the 4-6-2 and her consorts.



       I guess that we more rural dwellers begin to think of urban as a place were people and things just disappear, and if ever they do reappear they're more like buzzing bees, darting around wondering what's next, rather than settling into a pattern of cutting then stacking small wooden bricks occasionally interrupted by a little mouse hunting. It's possible Glavni Kolodvor will just go on forever, one vast railway station laying siege to a Carmelite Monastery


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