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 Saturday January 21st 2017Tim Candler9


     The more authoritarian minded would likely prefer a seat at First Night of The Proms. Which as I understand it is a "happening" which some days later ends with something like Elgar's Funeral March in the Albert Hall, an ornate dome in London, England, which has been hosting "happenings" since the 1870's. The tickets are pricey of course, so it's not for everyone. And it's true, some "happenings" are riveted by the pomp of obedience that comes from tradition, an orderliness that can anticipate what happens next and applaud it, or go on a little about how much fuller the experience was last year.



       Other "happenings" are less suited to the more authoritarian minded and more suited to those of us in the tapestry who might look at the Tower Of Pisa, shrug and say something like "so it leans, big deal" rather than struggle to find that brief moment of discipline around the definitions of others. Either way along the continuum from the full blown fascista to the ennui laden existentialist, "happenings" are central to the nervous system. Inevitably we all criticize the "happenings" of others, and in the interest of full disclosure, your correspondent had his own "happening" this morning. It was bloat phase vole in refrigerator workings and a good time was had by all.



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