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 Monday January 2nd 2017Tim Candler9


     Chapter fifteen of Vestry of Monnow begins to feel like a Chapter Seventeen of The Letlander, which ended up enduring a voluntary potlatch, it was tossed into the fire while the Angels sang. That was the glorious June of 2015, so when searching for something to blame for the predicament of Vestry of Monnow's chapter fifteen, at least I can find a responsible party in the January weather and in the imminence of the End Times now that the complexity of policy can be stuffed into a tweet which may or may not include commas.



      One New Age option would be to dismiss the nuances and flavors, the subtleties and the genuine pulp of chapter fifteen and just say something like "A bunch of stuff happened and they had lunch." Then I could quickly move on to chapter sixteen which is all about our hero's exciting attempt to impress King Offa and his fellow inmates in Dayroom Two by volunteering to deal with a Mole issue in the king's dyke. Sadly we writers of pulp are made of sterner stuff than that, which means that for us struggling to comprehend is a virtue rather than a vice.


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