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 Tuesday January 3rd 2017Tim Candler9


     Warm, but even for the dedicated professional it's too wet for the shovel. The thing about a digging project, it gets into the mental flow and sort of hangs around and usually at the most inopportune moment it says something like "What about me?" It happened this morning while the Upper Glavni Kolodvor Development Committee was in session, the questions raised had to do with carriage doors opening on platforms, the clunky and piecemeal nature of the overall design, flawed windows. As well, apparently the planner have paid scant regard for the safety of little boys who might be running around in a totally out of control manner on platforms. Sister Elegance came up with some suggestion about herd thinning, and fortunately I was able to call the meeting to order and we all found some solace in Now Casting around the recently turned earth that is currently at the Muddy Finger Stage, the worst possible condition for working soil.



      I don't care what anyone says, multitasking is a Cardinal sins. However, I am a person who does give credence to an idea of mysticism. And here I don't mean "realities beyond perception" or anything remotely associated with an "immediate consciousness of the ultimate nature of God." What I mean by mysticism is defined by the words "vague, groundless, vegetative, speculation." It's the part of the mind that lies between being awake and being asleep and however you want to look at it, mysticism as vague, groundless, speculation is always kind of paddling around in the streams of Being, and I'd argue if it wasn't for that paddling around we'd still be living in caves. In the interest of full disclosure, a very rare quality in the modern age, I will say that I do spend much of my time in a cave. It's got a carpet, a table and so on, but it still has the essential qualities of a cave.


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