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 Saturday January 7th 2017Tim Candler9


     Big moment in Vestry of Monnow, our hero is almost ready to sit down for his Chapter Fifteen lunch. And I'll tell you this much, it's good practice for a writer of pulp to have a television screen in his room with a real time offering of what might be happening in the outdoors. A strange noise here, a strange noise there, and you can see exactly what's going on, and for those of us who are particularly averse to visitors, we have plenty of time to hide in the wardrobe where we can pretend to be in somewhere like Ulan Bator rather than available for an hour or two of painful conversation about feeding oxen, or the cold, or who didn't turn up to church because they froze to death in their kitchen, or any number of classically rural tooth skinning winter topics.



      I guess too there's an argument which suggests that no one really cares whether our hero is almost ready to sit down for his Chapter Fifteen lunch. Nor would it be any use my saying something like "well I've been waiting almost ten years to introduce our hero to Saint Chad and would have managed it early had I not been sabotaged by the vandalism of a technical device. And no use talking about clouds. Those of us who can never remember our password, or our mother's middle maiden name, have no business using any kind of Cloud to store their notes, it's a potlatch just waiting to happen." Much better to give this huge moment moment a comprehensible verity by saying "there'll be a trip through snow, ice, wandering beasts and God knows what else to get vanilla Ice cream."


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