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Monday July 24th 2017Tim Candler9


    Rumor has it that the body temperature of a healthy Cat is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. As a creature who has a body temperature of around 98 degrees Fahrenheit and who might have been assigned to sleep with an eight week old Kitten to keep it from fighting with the other and much older household pet I am ready to state from my own experience that the body temperature of a Kitten is more like 201.5 degrees Fahrenheit. 



    Clearly the relationship that has grown over the generations between my own species and some members of the African Bush Cat began on a cold night when a Kitten ambled in a somewhat cocky and bossy manner into a Hunter Gatherer camp. An Enrico Firmi of those long ago days chose to use the Kitten as a hot water bottle rather than an addition to diet. Back then of course when Enrico happen to move while he was sleeping Kitten's certainly didn't grumble or wail in a "Wake the Dead" kind of way. All that happened much later, after it was far too late..


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