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Tuesday July 25th 2017Tim Candler9


    2014 was a good Tomato year.  2015 was a year dominated by Tomato that would suddenly explode into a rotten mess leaving a gardener to contemplate the possibility that his ground and his soul had finally rebelled against the extraordinary monotony of canning Tomatoes. 2016 was a medium to poor year for Tomato. This year looks middling to fair. The thing is, there are still jars of Tomato from 2014 in the cupboard. So whether to continue canning Tomato is the question to raise.



    The next Rapture, rumor has it, comes sometime in November 2020, and one things for sure unless old age takes me the Angels certainly won't. This means when all the good and diligent are gathered into the host of eternity things like Grocery Stores, the electric, the internet, bankers, Termite Inspectors will be gone from this earth. Meanwhile I'll have all the canned Tomatoes I could possible hope for. In short, Tomato Canning continues!


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