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Wednesday July 26th 2017Tim Candler9


    Have to admit the slogan "A Better Deal" strikes even a wishy-washy liberal of good standing such as myself as wholly without any kind of inspiration and even less thought. There could be some who might think "My God! That's brilliant!" but I'd have to hope that none of them are in anyway seriously engaged in an attempt to move beyond the current political impasse within the Democratic Party and beyond.



    As I understand it the meeting out of which these words of wisdom from leadership emerged took place in Berryville, VA. Those of us who may be familiar with the town will of course be tempted to reaffirm their faith in the theory that puts a relationship between geographical location and ability to think in a coherent and constructive manner. My advice to Democratic leadership is to go to somewhere like the Garden City of Kabul for six months before their next utterance on Party Thinking.


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