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Friday July 28th 2017Tim Candler9


    The current spree of character assassinations from the West Wing has somehow produced the suggestion that "Fish Rot From The Head Down." The origin apparently is in the day to day Italian or Sicilian or the Long Island Gangster Genre Hollywood language. Others will tell you it's a well known German phrase, still others will suggest China, Bengal, Russia, Patagonia and on it goes all the way back to the Assyrian.



    The silent fact remains, there's a strong chance the phrase is "Fish Stink From The Head Down" and I say this because Fish begin to rot in the belly and the fragrances of decaying intestines emerge from the Fish's mouth. Which makes much more sense. So I'm going to classify this whole Fish head rotting thing as yet another example of "When Ostrich are flatulent, make flame."


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