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Sunday June 11th 2017Tim Candler9


     Five days of Day Lilly Weather. For those in doubt, Day Lilly Weather is on a par with big fluffy clouds that cast moving shadows across the land, a blue sky and just hint of a dry north breeze. Not something to sneer at even if it does send fungus to scatter spores, fill the air with a sneezing pox that seems to encourage invisible biting creatures that feed upon red blotchy gardeners. But I don't come here to moan and groan, I come here to boast and talk about how wonderful the gift of life can be when daunting projects come to that point when a person can say "It's time for roofing."



       And here I'm uniquely qualified to say that accurate measuring, and some kind of orderly plan stands tall against ram-jam behaviors that include prayer, wishful-ness and hope. The most recent measurement suggest that I will have to reduce the length of the metal roofing panels by not just a tiny bit, but by 14 inches. Nor is cutting 16 metal roofing panels the equal of a day at the spar. It's noisy, it's dangerous, it aggravates the Girl Cat and there's always a chance of cutting the panels too short. It's the sort of thing that would defeat those lesser mortals who are unfamiliar with self recrimination, renting sack-cloth and howling at the moon. 


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