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Wednesday June 21st 2017Tim Candler9


     To celebrate the Planet's Tilt, that irrational wobble which requires those of us who live north or south of the tropics to endure seasons, your correspondent risked death from heat exhaustion in order to complete "The Roof."  It was heroic, a few minor injuries, and I might walk with a limp for the remainder of my days, but these things are as nothing when compared to the sense of closure when that last self tapping screw bites into the metal and finds home in wood. It's guttering for water collection next. Thrilling, I know.



       Getting off a scalding roof can be tricky for the more elderly roofer who might be feeling just a little dizzy and can't see very well because of the sweat in his eyes, but there's a sort of Jihadist fatalism that takes over when temperatures soar toward hellish regions, so just hold on and hope for the best. Then a person can hobble back to his kitchen, pop his head under a running faucet, and shiver a little. The entire process resolves the problem of purpose, no hard thinking is required and the reward is something like half a dozen of those Raspberry jam filled donuts which are always worth a trip into town even if they do make you belch deep fried dough for a couple of days.


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