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Sunday June 4th 2017Tim Candler9


     Your correspondent has returned, he ran around, wagged his tail, checked the temperature of his Compost Pile which was 105F, greeted The Artist, admired the vegetables, looked around anxiously for those little things he might not have noticed. It was soothing, and in the category of civil I'd like to think he achieved at least a "plus" for effort in the eyes of others, which under all circumstances is a great deal better than an F.



       The boast about leaving home for those extended periods of time that include not sleeping in your own bed is supposed to have something to do with broadening the mind by developing an understanding of the world beyond as a place of magic and wonder. Aware of my own negative and anti-facebook views in this area, I've decided the secret to travel is to pretend you're from a distant galaxy and you're merely a visitor to planet Earth. Lacks a sharing commitment? The answer yes..


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