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Monday June 5th 2017Tim Candler9


     D Day in 1944, but in the world of Compost Piles there's a strong chance the new pile could over-heat. It's at 125F and rising. Luckily it's raining which somehow eases the tension. And I guess we all have our own relationships with the world of thermometers. A brief glimpse of the headlines suggests the UK is under siege, all doors are locked, streets are empty children blubbering as they prepare for a lifetime of therapy following Post Traumatic Stress, and indeed the foundations of liberty have themselves been challenged as an aberration to the new order of things by the Rabbit eyed Political Class. So who's winning?



       My own understanding of towns like London and Manchester does not include an idea that people who live there are so far divorced from the Savannah they turn to rubber when a couple of nutcases run rough shod over the niceties.  Outrage certainly, but I've seen outrage following an Umpire's decision at the Marylebone Cricket Club. Manchester United has never actually achieved a victory on the football field without bribery and cheating and I say this as an angelic City supporter. But it's possible I suppose that this was a long time ago and fed as we all are by the diet of Madison Avenue and the shopping list of must haves we become lonely when it's our turn to visit the confessional or the voting booth in the hope of determining an honest savior. Going to talk about Slime Molds tomorrow.


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