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Tuesday June 6th 2017Tim Candler9


     My own understandings are often premised by the assumption that my mind is not capable of retaining large amounts of information. Nor am I one to be taken in by popularizing the work of experts in their field who following years of study will say something like Eukaryote in the same way I might say Banana Sandwich. This means my understanding of Slime Molds is slightly above Kindergarten level. All the same, I am the owner of sufficient hubris to insist that a Slime Mold is a bunch of single celled creatures, each capable of earning an independent living and who occasionally come together to form a unity able to produce behaviors that reflect muscles and nerves with ganglia, or brains.  Not Einstein Brains, but small "b" brains.



       The Dog Vomit Slime Mold is bright yellow. Their community has spent many years in the vicinity of the Compost Piles where I live. A most peaceful part of the world, sometimes set to alarm by the more nomadic, it's home to the big Salamander, and that little blue tailed Lizard and rather than bore you with the details I'll say that sometime soon the Dog Vomit Slime Mold will gather to enter their conference, form shape, move around a little, produce their "nerves with ganglia" and there might even be a debate around the wisdom of choosing the color yellow as their symbol of fruiting, which when land dries they'll do over a period of several days. A reflection of what it is to be alive, you might say, but more likely the analogy of us people as Slime Molds falls foul of our own sense of being. There again we people can be sensitive to implied insults.


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