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Wednesday March 22nd 2017Tim Candler9


    Being constantly reminded of Zoroaster's Hymn. No way I can remember it with any degree of accuracy. His world more tribal than it was nation. Clans jealous of territory, raiding of herds, battle, injury, anger and sadness. It was like that back in his time, and if you think about it, not much has changed in the three odd thousand years since he walked the earth, but unlike for him, these days land is no longer endless, it doesn't stretch as wilderness for as far as the eye can see or a person can travel.



    He argued for two sides of our being. The part that reacts sometimes foolishly and the part that pauses to think a while, consider the options, make judgments before tumbling flightless into the abyss. His advice was to be aware of these two sides, consider them, learn wisdom by understanding them. More recently neurologists who have mapped the mind would agree there at least two parts, but they call these parts something different, they're scientists not saints. Others have also wondered about the experience of Free Will.  Some think it is, some think it isn't, and some don't like it all.


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