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Friday March 25th 2017Tim Candler9


    We don't have the TV here. But we do have the internet. On a good day your political activist can catch a snippet or two of moving pictures on his technical device, and recently I actually saw Sean Spicer, the man in the White House who talks to and answers questions from the Washington Correspondents of a great many newspapers. One of the things he said was, and I'll have to paraphrase, was this: ".....We can't make people vote the way we want them to, this isn't a dictatorship...."  Classically enough the wind suddenly changed direction or a Lotus Leaf fell on a Lilly Pond in Kyoto, the snippet I was watching came to a screaming halt and that infuriating little whirly-gig popped onto the screen, started chasing its tail.



    All the same I thought this a most peculiar thing for Sean Spicer to say, and familiar as I am with importance of context I assumed that I had missed the gist of the questions and answers. I mean it could have been a question like "Why aren't congress people voting the way you want them too?" Then I read that a man called Bannon, a White House back room boy, had proposed a black list of congress people who didn't vote the way the White House wanted them to. Of course, when you're on a black list, they find stuff out about you, try to make your life miserable, quote you out of context and so on. But the way I feel about the current administration, I'd vote for anyone on the White House blacklist.


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