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 Thursday March 2nd 2017Tim Candler9


    Whichever way you look at it, one of things about the Nationalist Creed is those who take to the cause begin to define themselves as being in opposition. In opposition to what? In opposition to anything that challenges their idea of what it is to be One People. Then the idea of nationalism begins to take on a sense of purity. The opposition impure, it becomes less deserving of the rights reserved for the pure. As a result it's suddenly ok to do something like vandalize a Jewish Cemetery, a Mosque, or shoot someone dead because they look different. You can call such individuals anomalies, nutty, and you can ignore them if you wish to, describe yourself as better than that as you recycle your tinned goods..



    Kristallnacht was an excellent example of a nationalist fever run amok and unconstrained by what some might think of as Law and Order. A silence from on high justifies the behavior, encourages it, and all for the sake of a purity of the great oneness. The elites of course aren't that concerned, as long as he's polite, says the right things, or appears to say the right things, he's manageable. But the sad thing with elites, the more nervous they are the more inclined they are to accept the unacceptable in the self interest of maintaining their influence. And it's the same down here, the more nervous we are, the more inclined we are to mind our own business and in the process we go blind or obedient.


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