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 Tuesday March 7th 2017Tim Candler9


    Potato Rains, and Saint Patrick Day is in ten days time, or there about. The man himself was an interesting character. I believe he was a Roman Briton, possibly a land owner, from South Wales, somewhere near what's now an estuary town called Newport. For one reason or other he was captured during a raid by Irish Pirates who took him to Ireland and he was forced to work the fields.



    Somehow he escaped servitude, he found his way home, where he realized that he'd fallen in love with an Irish woman and he longed to see her again. Taking full advantage of the Roman Church's funding of evangelists he was able lead a mission across the Irish Sea. No one knows whether he ever met up with his true love, but most people know that Ireland had no Potatoes until 1589, over a thousand years after Patrick went to his grave.


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