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Thursday May 11th 2017Tim Candler9


     A grave error to actually find a pirated You Tube live stream of a cable television news channel. It's kind of like living on the edge of the copyright statutes, cries out for a Parrot. But with a live stream news channel, a person gets to see the results of the work done by the busy men and women of that part of industry devoted to marketing. It just goes on and on, no end to the number of very well coiffured and unnaturally youthful looking girls and boys getting all excited about their incredibly depressing, and obviously soul destroying world view.



      Mind you I did wake up this morning with a passionate desire to sample a dog food guaranteed to promote alertness in older dogs. I'm thinking seriously about investing $32 a week in a text messaging therapist. I'm fairly convinced that I'm sorely in need of several dozen medications and all over body suntan lotions. And there was something about a Billionaire visiting or returning from New Jersey in a mood to dismiss government employees who may or may not know something or other I didn't quite grasp because I was confused by what an American Standard Stand-In Bath might be.


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