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Monday May 15th 2017Tim Candler9


     Always peaceful when the Girl Cat is asleep. A mind can relax, concentrate on the decline of what's humorously called western civilization, the end of democracy and go on a little about where to place blame which usually rests squarely upon the shoulders of an avaricious elite and the absurd popular admiration for the hubris of the illiterate billionaire class, facebook, twitter and the Daily Mail.



      Then all of a sudden the Girl Cat is not to be found in her usual sleeping places. Clearly and very obviously she's been taken by a Coyote, snatched up by a Red Tail or fed to the young of some unspeakable creature who has been bribed by the mourning relatives of several dozen classes of rodent. Hours are spent hunting her down, tromping around, risking heat exposure, Tic bite and damage to the vocal folds, only to find her under my bed. It's incredibly thoughtless of her!!!


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