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Friday May 19th 2017Tim Candler9


     While turning the Compost Pile this morning it occurred to me that I had fundamentalist tendencies. And as often happens when the mind deteriorates I began to realize that the word fundamentalist has a meaning beyond the militant evangelists who stand in opposition to liberal and secular values. I went on to remind myself that 'values' is one of those words that cause an allergic reaction in my being. By the time I was ready to plunge the Compost Thermometer into the heart of the Compost Pile I realized that I had a fundamental problem with the idea of Compost Pile Thermometer.



       The thing about a Compost Pile Thermometer is that a gardener has to spend much of his day wondering what the temperature of his Compost Pile might be, and more worrying, whether he placed the thermometer into a hot or cold spot within his Compost File. In some ways a Compost Pile Thermometer is yet another example of an insidious technology that worms its way into a persons life and proceeds to dominate the thought processes. All very well suggesting that a person should moderate the passions and put, for example, a Compost Pile Thermometer into a more reasonable perspective, but we fundamentalists just don't seem to be able to that.


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