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Monday May 1st 2017Tim Candler9


     Both the Girl Cat and I have declared an amnesty upon outdoor activities on this May Day. Far too windy for a working man and working girl to manage anything like banners that  castigate the bourgeoisie for their profligate ways and constant moaning, so instead we'll be indoor marching, or at least I will, the Girl Cat has found a sunny spot on the carpet. The banner naturally will boldly proclaim "Sui Generis is Ironic." Inspired, I agree, what it means I'm not sure, but prior to the amnesty this proletarian had managed to venture forth in the hunt for Beauregard Sweet Potato, and while returning from the adventure with 24 of the little beauties on the front seat, it occurred to me that I've never really understood what "Irony" or "Ironic" means.



     Granted that some of us are possessed by allergic reactions to many of the words in the English Language, I can for example think of "Charades" as a moisture laden limp wristed activity practiced by the type of person who'd make reference to "Irony" at least four times a day, reserve Sunday for "Sui Generis." This allergy, which is probably categorized as a disability, does mean that some words are simply too painful to pursue an understanding of. And then there's the Latin in Sui Generis that really does bottle the phlegm as it reminds me of far too many pompous ass prigs for whom conformity becomes a badge of honor as it struts through the social fabric maintaining order and rounding up the remainder. The point about May Day is to challenge the imagination, think in new ways, understand each other through brotherhood, and despite rumor to the contrary none of us is unique. So Yes "Sui Generis is Ironic."


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