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Monday May 22nd 2017Tim Candler9


     For those who may be interested a Libtard is a derogatory term derived from a conjoining of the word Liberal and the word Retard. And while some might consider Libtard offensive and might wonder why a gentle flower like myself would be trolling the Alt-Right websites, my answer is that the exercise of doing so is close to entering the altered state produced by LSD, and yet the experience is addictive, kind of like when the school master in charge of Latin Detention loses control of the Detention Room.



       To explain it, imagine yourself totally free to say absolutely anything that might enter your head, be liberated from the conventions that make society possible and have at it. Walk naked through the Bread Counter at a Grocery Store screaming obscenities at the unsliced loaves and the stranger thing is every one else is doing it. Then all of a sudden some poor fool attempts to do the right thing, give an adequate perspective on the nature of unsliced bread, say something like THSH and it's like a honey pot for the WTF's.


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