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Thursday May 26th 2017Tim Candler9


     It's very easy. The modern Republican is no longer a conservative, he's gone radical, or rogue, and he believes that competition is the answer to complexity of Governing 360 odd million people. This new breed sees success as being measured by wealth, the less wealthy are less deserving because they're not good enough, they are weak, it's their fault, they shouldn't be permitted to gum up the works with sad excuses for laziness and should be allowed to disappear from the public square. It's backwards to an old theory in an attempt to deal with a world that's changing too quickly. It was the same during the early Industrial Revolution of Steam. Essentially the ideology is that survival of the fittest is the only solution to problems, a brutally uncomplicated discipline, but all the same, ideas, whatever their genesis, are acts of faith rather than anything that represents a rational appraisal of how societies might work tomorrow for the betterment of our world as we enter a daunting future.



       Believers of all shapes who have power are often reduced to using the whip on others as they surround their thinking with deceits, lies and Orwellian language to disguise the nature of what they actually believe. What is a Christian, I wonder. The reason this new breed likes Trump is that his base of support have permitted A President to do away with the niceties which they define as a political correctness of intellectuals who have no real place in the real world of Alpha Males where violence, power and winning at all costs beats being a loser, or a nerd, or a precondition or gentle. In short Trump has punctured the veneer of civilized behavior and we are reaping the rewards. What happens next? Pre 1950's history suggests a good old fashioned war of some kind between Great Powers unites the myriad clans into a tribe so they might briefly bond, feel good about themselves, find purpose, something that Mutually Assured Destruction has kind of put an end to, so we just have to invent enemies, the more the merrier. Drugs, Islam, Jews, women, foreigners, poor countries and the list from the rogues is a rather pathetic commentary on one idea of progress.


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