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Tuesday May 2nd 2017Tim Candler9


     My own personal opinions include the idea that Hillary Clinton should retire from politics, leave us all alone to blunder into the future without her focus group guidance, maybe she could take up gardening, or write stories for the New Yorker, or find some kind of hobby that does not require her to make speeches to public gatherings blaming the FBI, Wiki Leaks and the hourly paid for why it is she isn't President.



     The other opinion I'd like to express has to do with the current occupant of the White House. He is in my view undergoing some sort of metamorphosis, and rather than emerging from the chrysalis phase as in any way presidential he'll end his reign as the First US President to be removed from office by men in white coats. Vice President Pence will then become President of these here United States and when that happens I'm going to blame William Jefferson Clinton, and if you want to know why "It's NOT the economy, stupid."


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