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Wednesday May 3rd 2017Tim Candler9


     Yellow Chats in the Cedar and they are also partial to Strawberry, along with Thrashers, Field Sparrow Mockingbirds and Mouse. For those who keep track of these things, the Scary Compost Pile is cooling, and needs to be turned. The Compost Pile formerly known as Isis, is home to some kind of varmint, fortunately quite small, long tailed and reclusive. Otherwise it's one of those days when the weather is only soured by the certain knowledge that our political class are dangerous lunatics hell bent on recreating a fourth circle of hell here on earth. Mind you Dante's poem is one of those interpretative efforts best left to the scrabble players in the common rooms of men and women who hide like monks from paupers, their reality seen through chiffon, while humble gardeners tend their roses.



     But it's like this. You got Limbo, pretty wishy-washy feeble place to be. Then you got Lust, a place you can still reckon on time teaching a lesson, broken hearts and forgiveness perhaps. Then you got Gluttony, where you can't help yourself, it's like over-feeding on the sacrifices of others. The fourth circle of hell is greed, a battle between the miserly and the profligate, here indulgence becomes a selfish appetite, it conjoins into an opposition that rages and feeds upon itself, becomes hungry for the conflict, sees proof in victory rather than good sense and tells lies when it loses. In some ways the fourth circle of hell is that moment when the button is pushed and after that you fall through the trapdoor into the nether regions of hell where you are definitely poked with sticks and made to spend eternity wishing you'd behaved otherwise and all you can do is gnash your teeth and wail, unless you're a billionaire who can pay someone under the counter to gnash and wail for you.  The good news, there's a preacher, Kenton Beshore, in California who predicts a Rapture in 2021, so we commoners have got that to look forward to.


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